Serving Homeless and Displaced in Bullitt County KY
Heart Of My City, Inc

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Providing shelter, food and resource connections through partnering volunteers,  area churches and community centers.

Volunteers and Contributors welcome

Volunteer opportunities available

Opportunities available to serve for individuals and groups.  Choose Heart of My City Inc. as your favorite charity at Kroger and Amazon.  see links on the home page

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Completing our fifth year of service to the Bullitt County homeless population.  Please refer to the attachment showing our participating churches.  Please contact us if your church or group would like to get involved in serving.

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Our graduates

four graduating guests

Celebrating success

 As we celebrate the success of many of our guests we'll post their profiles here.  We'd love to have supporters join in to 'sponsor' a graduate.  We can give them a large basket full of re-start essentials for around $100.  Please let us know if you'd like to supply a filled basket or if you'd rather make a donation for us to fill.  Let us know if you'd like to deliver it personally and become part of their network of friends. 

Sponsor a Guest Gift Basket

It takes $100 to fill a laundry basket with start up essentials.  Please consider sponsoring a gift basket for one of our graduates.  see download below

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Graduating Guest Gift (pdf)